Dhoni and Virat will add another world cup to India!.2019......

Looking at the captaincy of the Indian team captain Virat Kohli, many times it seems that he believes in 'My Way or Highway' theory. Seeing their aggression on the field, it often feels like they see the game in their own way. He is not troubled by what the world thinks about the style of his leadership. In Test cricket, he has proved it by performing well.

However, when it comes to captaincy in one-day cricket, it looks like he is following 'My Way and Mahi Way'. From setting the field to multiple times in a limited overs game.Mahendra Singh Dhoni appears while talking to the bowlers. In the slog-overs, Kohli appears to be fielding himself on the boundary line by charging his former captain Dhoni. In the limited overs game so far, the captain used to field within 30 yards of the field. He used to interact directly with the rest of the players, including the bowler, but Kohli has broken this long-standing tradition with the presence of Dhoni.

When Virat Kohli became the captain in January 2017, it was believed that Dhoni would not be made between them, but that did not happen. Despite the poor form of Dhoni, Virat has supported him and is in full swing that he is part of the team till the World Cup 2019. Its biggest reason is Virat's trust in Dhoni. It can be estimated from Virat's cost that, in the initial 25 overs, with the last overs, Dhoni sets the field and screams and shouts to the bowlers.

Former cricketers also have a look at Dhoni and Kohli pair. By this Sunil Gavaskar had said that the best thing for Virat Kohli is that he has Dhoni as keeper. Gavaskar said, "Whenever Virat is fielding on the boundary, Dhoni helps him and talks with the bowlers on important occasions." Gavaskar believes that this combination of both will benefit Team India in the World Cup.Former cricketer S Badrinath says, "This is because of the reason Virat Kohli, Dhoni is very respectful. Long ago he said that Dhoni is my captain and he so far believes this thing. Kohli is a passionate person, he needs a lot of time on Dhoni. It would not be wrong to say that both are complementary to each other on the field.

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